EHS Chile – Training
At EHS Chile we address the problem of our customers, achieving the following advantages:
  • Interactive presentations that capture the attention of participants at all times;
  • Display dynamic and experienced in manufacturing operations;
  • Short courses aimed at specific groups within the organization and used by world leaders in the industry;
  • Flexibility to teach courses at company premises and facilities of work;
  • Presentation of certificates of participation with customer logo to demonstrate its commitment to the educational process.
Construction Safety Training OSHA CFR 29

We know that one of the main concerns of managers HR & EHS training is to ensure that workers actually achieve safer. In this sense, the inappropriateness of the study material, the tediousness of the rapporteurs and the lack of time are among the most common complaints of HR managers and EHS as the participants themselves.

  • Critical Programs: Courses designed to meet the requirements that apply to the Prevention and Control of Occupational Hazards with the potential to cause serious accidents, fatal and environmental disasters or operational. They are made in the following pattern:
    • or Refresh
    • or OSHA & MSHA Requirement
    • and Safety Tools
    • or OHSAS 18001
    • or ISO 14001
  • Refresher courses: are courses whose duration varies from thirty to ninety minutes. As its name implies, what is sought is to refresh the background, and meet regulatory and corporate requirements.
EHS Mining Training

The training of miners safe passes that they recognize the hazards inherent of the mining operation. This greathly improve through appropriate revisión from EHS perspective, the following topics:

  • Mobil Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Traffic Control, Communications & Signals
  • Ground Control
  • Stockpiles
  • Machinary
  • Blasting & Explosives Handling

The courses meet the content requirements established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety & Health Administration )MSHA) from U.S.

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